Mammoth HELLO CAMP Music & Learning Festival // Ticket Information

Mammoth Hello Camp, Japan’s premier Music & Learning festival for kids and families is proud to announce that tickets will go on sale as of March 3 rd (2018).
The actual festival will be held Saturday, May 12th – Sunday 13th (2018). As with past years the festival will be held in Yamanashi at, Pica Saiko, a camp ground located on the Saiko Lake one of Mt. Fuji’s five lakes. We have an awesome lineup of musicians, music workshops, outdoor workshops, sports workshops and creative workshops to stimulate the minds and hearts of any child. We’re looking forward to saying ‘HELLO’ to you on May 12th !
For more information on the mammoth HELLO CAMP festival and tickets Please check these websites:
Mammoth HELLO CAMP festival website:
Mammoth School official website: